Hello. My name is Richard Alexander Caraballo, but you can call me Rich. I'm a creative director, graphic designer, illustrator, painter and sometimes photographer.

Over the past few years, I've appeared on MTV Brasil twice, was featured in PBS's Webby Award-winning “Off Book” series as a pixel artist and musician, performed on Vox Media's The Verge, and chosen by the Audubon Society to participate in their mural project.

I approach every project with the humility and confidence of experience to bring each component to success. Hit me up.


● Notable Clients

2 Player Productions, 8bitpeoples, IMVU, Inc., 8bitSF, BBE Records, Rappers I Know Records, Burton Snowboards, Mojang AB (Minecraft), Choice Provisions, Inc., National Audubon Society, Counter Records, Ninja Tune, HOT 97, Living Villages (UK), The Oxford American, Outside in Music (OiM), Hyundai Motor Company, The Verge (Vox Media), Future Archive Recordings

● Elsewhere

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